Register to Become a Patient

To take advantage of our quality healthcare you must first register.  This helps to prevent further delays in getting you to see a doctor and become a patient.
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Register In-person

Visit a Patient Access Representative to guide you through registration and to assist with understanding benefits.
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Documentation Requirements for Different Patient Groups

How to Reach Us

To schedule an appointment with one of our Patient Access Representatives or for information on our sliding discount program please call (915) 859-7545.

Co-pays and Payment Arrangements

Patient Rights and Responsibilities

At your appointment, our Patient Access Representatives will require you to read and sign the Patient Rights and Responsibilities document. A copy of this document will be provided to you.

Empowering Health, Enriching Lives

Our healthcare model is holistic, innovative, and affordable. Rooted in respect, kindness, and dignity, we're committed to enhancing your quality of life. Our excellence in primary and preventive healthcare services transforms wellness and lives.