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In 2015 Dr. Jose Luna reached out to Presi Ortega and I to join the board of directors of Centro San Vicente clinic.  We both joined the board.  In 2016 I became Chair of the Finance Committee.  

I was elected Chairman of the board in 2017 and have been in that role since then.  I am honored to serve in this capacity and will continue with the legacy of Centro San Vicente.  

There has been many improvements accomplished to continue to provide the highest quality of care to our community and to all that we serve.  Our Board of Directors now reflect the patients that we serve.  We are all volunteers and are a 100% giving board.

Many improvements were launched in an effort to become financially stable and continue to provide the highest quality of care that is provided to the community. Many more achievements are in the horizon in terms of expansion of our clinic and the deliverance of services to our patients.

When Dr. Luna decided to step down as CEO a nationwide search was launched.  After interviewing several highly qualified candidates; the committee selected and promoted Dr. Christina Paz as the next CEO.  Dr. Paz is a highly motivated and a tremendous leader.  I and the board are honored to have her as our CEO. Same goes for our dedicated staff and health care provider’s.

What I enjoy the most as Chairman of the board is the Mission, Vision, and our Values.

Centro San Vicente is a primary health care with particular concern for the poor and needy.

Part of our Vision:  To be the best collaborative caregiver model that blends both community and faith-based approaches in delivering primary healthcare to care for the poor and needy.

Our Values:  Service of the Poor-Reverence-Integrity-Wisdom-Creativity-Dedication

In closing let us not forget the services we provide to many in our community who may otherwise may not have the resources to acquire the most basic of healthcare that we all deserve.  On another point; not only do we provide high quality of care to the most needy.  We offer our services to everyone in our community.  Insured, underinsured, uninsured.  

God bless all of you


David Porras Jr

Chairman of the board.

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