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Better health care within your reach.

Leave a Legacy

You can make a generous gift to San Vicente AND ensure that you and your family receive financial and estate planning benefits. A gift made through a will is a wonderful way for you to help Centro San Vicente in providing basic health care services to the neediest in our community.

A will is a legal document which allows YOU to decide how you want your assets distributed. You can give property, including cash, securities, jewelry, works of art, and real estate through your will. You can designate a specific amount ($50,000) or a percentage (50%). Or you can designate a residuary bequest, where San Vicente will receive all or a stated percentage of an estate after all other distributions, taxes, and expenses have been paid.

By giving through your will, and not only through your income you can:

  • Preserve current assets
  • Reduce or eliminate federal estate taxes
  • Make a lasting contribution to San Vicente

Your Financial Advisor can provide you with more information on how best to make your contribution. You can also contact us for more information on how you can support San Vicente.